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I wanted something rustic for my living room and came across a few posts on Pinterest for DIY rustic table. Although, the plans I found were not very helpful, my husband and I managed to figure it out on our own.

We decided to drill the holes with the kreg jig fist and then stain the wood before we actually screwed it together. You don’t have to do it that way, we just wanted to make sure to get the color throughout the whole thing.

We originally bought standard 2×4 legs but they were a different color wood and didn’t stain the same as the shelfs so we went back and got the same 2x6x8 boards as the shelves and just cut them to same length as 2x4s.

Click here to read how I stained it.

Heres what you’ll need:

Tape measure
Table saw
Kreg jig

11   2x6x8 boards

Top 3 boards are 74 inches in length.
Top 2, middle 2, bottom 2 boards are 68 inches in length
Legs are cut to today’s standard 2×4 measurements. (1.5 in x 3.5 in) & 32 in long
Top 2, middle 2, bottom 2 board’s ends cut to fit legs flush. (1.5 in x 3.5 in)

Use table saw to make your cuts.

Once this is done, use electric sander to sand generously until all surfaces are smooth.

Label 2 boards “top”, 2 “middle”, and 2 “bottom”.
I was picky about which board was on what level. The boards with the most imperfections went on the top because it would be covered by the 3 piece top overhang board.

We then used the kreg jig and pre drilled all of the screw holes for each shelf and legs to be connected.

We went back over and sanded the pilot holes.

Stained & sealed wood. (click here for stain post)

DIY console stained boards

DIY console stained boards

Once the stain and poly were done we screwed each shelf together.

We used a flat surface and placed the 2 piece top shelf facing down and drilled all four legs into the top shelf. (legs were facing up)

We placed second shelf and held into the legs. We then measured and made marks at 12 inches from top shelf. We only worried about one side being at 12 in at a time and drilled into legs. We went to other side and did the same thing, moving shelf to exactly 12 in.

Repeat for bottom shelf.

Remember when drilling legs into shelfs, the bottom shelf is going to be on the top.

Last step was to place the overhanging shelf onto the top of the console.

We placed 3 piece top shelf on ground and had console upside down on top of it. Measured overhang all the way around to make sure it was centered. It was about 2.75 on all sides. Drilled it in and viola. Turn it upright and there you have your TV console!

DIY rustic tv stand

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