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My fiancé and I have been together 10 years now and it saddens me how many couples cannot even survive a few years of marriage. We’ve been through so many obstacles that have tested our relationship. Most couples don’t even go through half of what we have and still can’t make it. We survived high school and all of the drama and immaturity that goes with that. We survived college where most are just trying to find themselves and discover who they want to be. We have survived all of the changes people go through from adolescent to adulthood. We have seen each other grow up and have been together for every major life event. The following are my secrets to a long lasting relationship.


This is key. You cannot have a long lasting and successful relationship without communication. Talking to each other allows for a clear understanding of how each other is feeling. You cannot change or acknowledge something that is not expressed or brought to your attention. Communication allows couples to avoid misunderstandings. It gives couples a sense of closeness which is important in order for the relationship to grow. Being each other’s best friend is what a relationship is all about. You want to be able to come to one another for love and support and for them to be your shoulder to cry on. Communication will also help strengthen trust, which is another important factor in a long lasting relationship.


Loyalty in a relationship has many aspects. Honesty, trust, and respect are all important factors that are required in any healthy relationship. If there is no honesty there is no trust and when there is no trust there is no respect. Having trust issues can put a big strain on any relationship. Both people become very unhappy and they begin to close off from one another. It is a vicious cycle. You’re unhappy because you can’t trust your partner at all let alone trusting them to go to the store and they’re unhappy because you keep giving them the third degree and start a fight about not trusting them to go anywhere. Communication goes hand in hand with loyalty. If you are open with one another and your communication is effective, you will strengthen the honesty, trust, and respect you have for each other.


You have to spend time together. What is the point of even being in a relationship if you don’t spend time together? You fell in love for a reason; you still have to work on maintaining that love. Do fun things together and laugh more often. This will keep things fresh and will help maintain your close bond. Spending alone time together will help both of you get through the hardships in life.

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