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For years I bit my nails. It was constant and definitely unsanitary. I was so embarrassed of my nails that I would always try and hide them. They were chewed as far as they could be chewed. As a little girl I would constantly get smacked in the hands when my parents saw my fingers in my mouth. It wasn’t until I was about 21 that I finally stopped biting them.

How did I do it? Well it helped that I was older and had more self-control but I started off by making my nails stronger. I thought if they weren’t so flimsy they wouldn’t be easy to bite off.

This nail polish was and is my holy grail. I call it “green nail polish” even though it is clear because I don’t know what else to call it. The bottle is in Spanish and I usually buy it at Navarro and Walgreens but I could only find it online at Amazon. This polish is made to strengthen and repair brittle nails. In just a week my nails were so much stronger and it actually hurt my teeth to bite my nails.

how i stopped biting my nails

I kept reapplying until my nails were long enough to paint with a pretty color. Of course after 21 years of nail biting it wasn’t easy to keep from biting. I had some relapses where I completely chewed my long nails off. But as time went by it got easier and easier and I didn’t even think about it. Plus once you have pretty nails and can finally go to the nail salon and get your nails done you won’t want to bite them anymore.

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